A Text Conversation with our Mother.

The following is a conversation between Jeffrey and our mother. It has been transcribed in its entirety and all spelling errors are original to the text.  Our thought process is- if we have to live with this-so shall you. Also, welcome to posts authored, or co-authored, by Jeff.

Text Messages 12/16/2011

Mom: How are you?

Jeff: I’m good. I’m writing jokes.

Mom: For what?

Jeff: For laughs

Mom: I think you will be able to do that. What do I have so far?

Jeff: (not wanting to respond seriously because I am playing video games…) I just can’t stop drawing monkeys

Mom: Monkey see monkey do

Mom: How about this.

Mom: I never met a monkey that wasn’t monkeylicious.

Mom: Are monkeys mans best fiend?*

Mom: How many monkeys does it take to screw in a lightnulb?**

Mom: The answer is. enough.

Mom: funny. I just made that up!

Mom: Why did the monkey go to the zoo. Answer. To see the chimps. I just made that up.

Jeff: Those are hilarious. I can’t believe you thought of those yourself

Mom: you are mocking me aren’t you?

Jeff: Very much so. Those jokes make no sense.

Mom: They do to me, and I bet you laughed too. What are your monkey jokes?

. . . . .

Mom: Lets talk about Christmas.

*we believe this should read “friend” but Jeff belives bonnaboo monkeys are actually man’s best fiend, as they are evolving at a rate that is dangerous to humans. Is she a secret genius? Or just lucky?

** If we knew what a lightnulb was, an answer may be within our grasp. Unfortunately. We may never know.