You’ve Got The Love

My favorite email of the summer- or at least one that sticks with me, each and every day.

Nikki, you’re seriously so much smarter than you think you are. But thank you. You shouldn’t feel inadequate ever. And by “you shouldn’t feel inadequate” I mean— I know you know you’re good at it, but I don’t think you even realize what a singular and enviable talent your people skills are. It’s admirable and intimidating how naturally it comes to you. And it’s not a consolation prize, it’s a real and formidable intelligence.*

*Like, as long as we’re getting real.


About Nikki
Enjoying life snout to tail- mostly because that references both adorable piggies and food.

One Response to You’ve Got The Love

  1. Katie says:

    I use too many compound phrases when I write. This is a chronic problem in my emails.

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